Criminal Defense

At The Law Office of Samuel Karliner, criminal defense is what we do.

Our Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer is ready and waiting for your call if you are in trouble with the police. Our mission is to aggressively and effectively pursue the best outcome attainable in your case. We understand your need for a lawyer who will back your position with professionalism, aggressiveness and a sense of urgency.

We know how seriously a criminal conviction can disrupt your life and put your freedom at risk. As a former prosecutor, attorney Karliner devotes his knowledge and experience to defending clients against a wide range of criminal charges. Contact our Brooklyn criminal law attorney online or call 347-557-8521 to schedule a meeting to discuss your case.

Experienced Representation in Criminal Cases

Our Brooklyn defense lawyer has more than 25 years of experience. We provide experienced legal representation in criminal cases, including those involving:

  • Domestic violence: We will be prepared to represent your side of the story, at trial if necessary, and we will approach your case with a sense of professionalism and urgency.
  • Spousal abuse: When you have been accused of abuse in an effort to gain an advantage in divorce negotiations, we can help protect your interests and ensure that your voice is heard.
  • Harassment: Allegations of stalking, making threats or a violent outburst can lead to serious charges of harassment or aggravated harassment. We can help protect your rights and will work hard to help you avoid the serious consequences of a conviction.
  • Assault: Depending on the nature of any injuries and criminal history, the potential penalties for assault vary widely. Whether you were arrested following a bar fight or after a misunderstanding with your spouse, we can provide you with a strong defense.
  • Drug charges: As a former prosecutor, our attorney understands how police make arrests in drug possession and drug sales cases. Let us put our experience with drug crimes to work for you.
  • DWI/DUI: A drunk driving conviction can change your life, resulting in the loss of driving privileges and a criminal record that will follow you for life. Getting legal help immediately can help ensure that your rights remain protected.
  • Violent crimes: If you have been questioned following someone's untimely death, such as in a homicide investigation, or after someone has been severely injured in any type of situation, it is important to seek experienced legal representation as soon as possible.
  • Sex crimes: Criminal sexual allegations such as rape are taken very seriously by law enforcement, and require a serious and aggressive defense.
  • Weapons charges: While a gun is considered by most people to be a weapon, possession of a knife, box cutter or another potentially harmful instrument may also result in weapons charges. We know how to effectively answer to these charges.
  • Larceny: We can help defend you against charges of robbery and armed robbery, theft, burglary, shoplifting and grand theft auto.
  • Fraud: Criminal charges of fraud may include identity theft, use of a stolen credit card, insurance fraud and banking fraud. We can help explore your options when facing these serious allegations.
  • Property damage and criminal mischief: Although allegations such as vandalism may seem like a minor affair, a criminal conviction can impact all areas of your life. We can help mitigate the potential harm.
  • Desk appearance tickets: A desk appearance ticket may be issued when the police decide that they do not need to physically arrest you at the time of the alleged crime. However, it is still considered an arrest, and having experienced legal counsel on your side is essential.
  • Orders of protection: Violation of a protection order is a crime that is taken seriously by judges. Do not take your chances trying to defend against these charges alone.
  • Surrenders: Officers will go to great lengths to find individuals after a complaint has been made. It may be in your best interest to surrender to police. However, this should not be done until you have secured legal representation.

Contact a Brooklyn Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of domestic violence or are facing any other type of criminal charge, it is important to seek legal help right away. Contact our Brooklyn criminal defense attorney online or call 347-557-8521 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.