Depending on the severity of injuries that were inflicted and number of previous offenses, the penalties can vary greatly for those arrested for assault. Whether you have been falsely accused of a bar fight assault or there was a simple misunderstanding between spouses, it is important to ensure that your rights are thoroughly protected.

At The Law Office of Samuel Karliner in Brooklyn, we have years of experience handling many different types of assault cases for clients in all of New York's five boroughs. Our firm strives to investigate all aspects of the case, including interviewing witnesses and examining any evidence that may have been illegally obtained. Whether you are facing aggravated assault charges or simple assault, it is important to ensure that your rights are protected.

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Assault With a Deadly Weapon

The consequences for an assault may be increased if a deadly weapon was used during the commission of the crime. We can help you understand how the weapon aspect impacts the case and what types of punishments are attached to a conviction in this type of case.

Domestic Assault

Domestic assault and domestic violence allegations are extremely serious. Our firm is committed to standing up for clients who are dealing with domestic violence issues, along with issues related to orders of protection or injuries suffered in a domestic dispute.

False Allegations

In some instances, a claim of assault may be filed by someone using it as retaliation to get back at someone for something they did. Individuals may also use a false claim of assault, harassment or domestic violence in order to gain the upper hand in a child custody or other family law dispute.

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