Criminal charges of fraud may include allegations of using stolen credit card, identity theft, fraudulent bank deposits, insurance fraud, false accident claims involving staged accidents, fraudulent withdrawal of funds from another person's account, passing fake checks or collecting welfare benefits on false pretenses.

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What Are the Facts?

Your guilt or innocence may be a question of judgment or degree.

You may have knowingly committed a fraudulent act when your back was against the wall financially and you thought you could get away with it. You may have been framed by someone who somehow set you up to be caught in a web of dishonesty. You may have accidentally committed fraud. You may have done so under duress as a result of a drug or gambling addiction.

Or you may be completely innocent. Find out the full extent of your legal options when you speak with our fraud defense lawyer at The Law Office of Samuel Karliner.

How Will Your Lawyer Work to Protect Your Rights?

From a criminal defense point of view, what matters is for your lawyer to do everything legally possible to protect your rights every step of the way. He will aim to position you for the best attainable outcome.

Sometimes we are able to resolve allegations of fraud before the charges are officially filed, saving our clients many difficult challenges. A satisfactory resolution may include restitution by you for the losses sustained by the alleged victim. Contacting an attorney during the initial stages of a police investigation may increase your legal options and the strategies available to you to fight your charges.

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