If you have been criminally charged with harassment or assault, do not make the mistake of assuming this is a minor matter that will go away on its own. An aggressive defense may result in a case dismissal, reduction of charges or probation. Ignoring the problem may land you in jail and leave you with a permanent criminal record. For years to come, you will find yourself having to explain why you were convicted of a crime.

Take steps now to protect your rights, your freedom and your future if you have been charged with harassment or assault in Brooklyn. Contact us by phone or email.

Protect Your Rights and Your Freedom With a Lawyer's Help

Our Brooklyn harassment defense attorney at The Law Office of Samuel Karliner is ready to devote his knowledge and experience to defending you after you have been accused of or arrested for allegedly harassing an acquaintance, family member, neighbor, co-worker or anyone else with whom you have contact.

Stalking, Striking, Threatening Can Amount to Harassment

While stalking, harassment and assault may not seem all that serious, they may be classified as criminal behaviors and subject to severe penalties.

Methods of criminal harassment may include emails, letters, phone calls, voice mail messages or other actions deemed to be intentionally causing annoyance or alarm. Assault or harassment may involve striking, shoving, pushing, kicking or threatening harm to another person. Depending on the factors involved, an offense may even be classified as aggravated harassment.

Is It a Behavior Pattern? Or a One-Time Angry Outburst?

Defining criminal harassment often falls into grey areas, especially because people can misunderstand each other's true intent. A one-time charged moment may not be as convincing as a pattern of behavior over time.

Our first step if you become a client of The Law Office of Samuel Karliner will be for our lawyer to listen very carefully to your side of the story. We need a clear understanding of what happened, including any mitigating factors that may prove to be the basis of a successful defense before prosecutors.

False Claims of Harassment?

If you believe the claims of harassment made against you are false, we can help. Our firm understands that false allegations may be made when a child custody or other family law matter is at stake, with the other party believing they will gain leverage if you are facing harassment charges. Also, an individual may attempt to get back at someone for something they did to them through filing a harassment claim in retaliation.

The sooner you call, the more opportunities our criminal defense attorney may have to pursue on your behalf. Call or email The Law Office of Samuel Karliner to schedule a consultation with a Brooklyn harassment defense lawyer.