Property Damage and Criminal Mischief

Criminal charges such as vandalism or criminal mischief may sound like minor matters. In fact, no accusation or arrest on suspicion of criminal activity is ever minor. At The Law Office of Samuel Karliner, our lawyer is available to listen and help, not to judge or condemn.

Contact us to schedule a consultation regarding your arrest, the charges and your prospects for a favorable outcome.

Defending Against a Wide Range of Charges in Brooklyn

Our attorney is dedicated to protecting the legal rights of people charged with crimes such as:

  • Intentionally damaging the property of another person
  • Intentionally participating in the destruction of an abandoned building
  • Recklessly damaging property of another
  • Unlawfully posting advertisements
  • Tampering with a consumer product
  • Making graffiti of any type on a building, public or private, or any other property of another person.
  • Damaging any real or personal property maintained as a cemetery plot, grave or burial place

Mitigating Circumstances

Were you framed by someone who sought to protect themselves by accusing you of committing criminal mischief? Was the property damage accidental? Were you wrongly identified or falsely named in a property damage investigation?

A Strong Defense of Your Freedom and Your Good Name

Whatever your circumstances, we are prepared to defend your rights, protect your good name and prevent the formalization of a criminal record in your name. At The Law Office of Samuel Karliner, our attorney is a former prosecutor with years of experience representing people charged with misdemeanors and felonies in Brooklyn and surrounding boroughs in New York City. Call or email the law firm to schedule a consultation.