When law enforcement are looking to arrest an individual after a complaint has been made, they will go to great lengths to find the person. However, if they cannot, it may be possible for that person to surrender to police instead of continuing to avoid detection. Arranging a surrender may be in your best interests, but should be done while you have legal representation.

At The Law Office of Samuel Karliner, our criminal defense law firm provides representation and assistance to individuals who are facing criminal charges. We can act on your behalf, talking to police and working with them to arrange a time for your surrender.

Our firm can also accompany you to the station when you physically surrender, taking steps to ensure that you are being treated fairly and interrogated in a manner consistent with police procedures. We can be your advocate throughout the entire case.

If you have decided to surrender, we can help. Contact our Brooklyn surrender firm today to speak with our knowledgeable lawyer. We can review your situation and determine how to best handle the legal aspects and provide direction on how to minimize the personal impact to you.

When a surrender is arranged, the accused person goes to the police precinct at a certain, prearranged time. There are many advantages to surrendering. You know when the surrender is going to happen and can make personal arrangements around this time. Also, surrendering to police demonstrates your reliability to the judge for bail matters. A judge may be more willing to be lenient on bail if you show that you are willing to cooperate with police.

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